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Jordan Oliver, 

Artist of the Month.

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Some of the most unique art you could ever dream of, delivered to your door monthly. Save on limited edition exclusive items when you subscribe, share with your friends, or give a sweet gift to a loved one!


1. Sign Up!

Start by clicking 'Subscribe' - Read through your various package options.

2. Get Ready

Billing occurs on the first of every month, packages are delivered on Week 3 and Week 4 of each month.

3. Submerge yourself in Art!

Once you receive your FestiDrops Bundle you are ready to strut your stuff wearing some of the most unique colors and art.

FestiDrops is an eclectic collective of unique products specifically designed for those wanting more. Widely ranging, wearable and usable art from clothes to pins to accessories, you will always find something you have or haven't been looking for :)

Luci Rays

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Festidrops clothing are always the highest quality and fit like a glove. The Le pins included in the collectors package are always sick and highly sought after. The Kooz onesies are the coolest piece of festival clothing I own.

Omar Wolf

San Diego, California

Festidrops is such a great service.  Their subscription packages are always bringing exclusive, original art to your door every month. Your one stop shop for all things festival art.

Aaron Jameson

Cincinnati, Ohio

Jump on board FestiDrops

Whether you're new to the world of art collecting or a hardcore collector, FestiDrops is a great service for you to expand your interests, collection, & wardrobe. 

Each month our subscription bundles feature a brand new Artist of the Month, whose artwork makes up the entirety of your FestiDrops package. 


How often will I get this box?

You will receive your box ONCE per month. You will be charged on the 1st of each month and your box will land at your doorstep the last week of each month.

Is it only Pins, Prints, & Shirts?

Negative Ghost Rider! The items included inside our subscription packages are limited edition pins, prints and shirts, exclusive to the packages.  However, most if not all of our products are available for purchase in our one-time shop.

What's in the box?

Each month there is a brand new and incredibly unique Artist featured, the box is filled with hat pins, high quality prints and posters, & the highest quality sublimated t-shirts designed by the Artist of the Month.